Type 400 OEM Pressure Transmitter

400 OEM Pressure


» The type 400 pressure transmitter, with its proven ceramic lever technology, has adjusted    temperature compensated sensor signals and is available with a voltage output.
» The voltage output (VDC) is an amplified, linear signal suitable for direct processing in    electronic control systems.
» The sensors are ideal for continuous level measurement in washing machines,    dishwashers etc.
» Robust construction, sensor element has no contact with media
» Special design developed for large scale manufacture at an attractive price
» Fully automated manufacture, including in-line adjustment of zeropoint and full scale value
» Special snap mounting bracket for easy single handed mounting in sheet steel of varying    thicknesses

Pressure ranges

» Relative "0 ... 10 - 100 mbar"


» Liquids and neutral gases

Tolerable overload

» 200 mbar

Rupture pressure

» 500 mbar

Materials in contact with the medium

»Cover "Polypropylene"
»Diaphragm "Thermoplastic elastomer"

Dynamical response

» Response time "< 10 ms"
» Load cycle "< 10 Hz"

Protection standard

» IP 00