Type 505 OEM Pressure Transmitter


Technical Overview

» The pressure transmitters of type 505 are measuring components for the measurement    of pressure. They are suitable for analysing water pressure ratios in heating- and    industrial circuits.
» The novel ceramic measuring element with its included electronic gives a calibrated,    amplified voltage signal.


» Best price / performance ratio with "electronic integrated in measuring element" ,    "optimized mounting concept" , "automatic production"
» Ideal for use as a control element, owing to small hysteresis.
» The measuring element includes the well proven ceramic technology of Huba Control.

Pressure ranges

» Relative pressure (differential measurement of pressure relative to ambient pressure) 0 ...    4 bar

Temperature influences

» Medium temperature 2 °C ... 90 °C
» Ambient temperature 2 °C ... 85 °C

Pressure connections

» Plug connector "15 mm"
» Outside thread G 3/8


» 30 grams