PR 7501- Field Mount HART Temperature Transmitter



» RTD, TC, Ohm, and bipolar mV input and analog output
» High definition local operator interface (LOI) with 3 optical buttons
» Selectable red or white backlight
» Ex d explosion proof / flame proof
» HART 7 functionality and HART 5 compatibility


» Linearized temperature measurement wit TC and RTD sensors e.g. Pt100 and Ni100
» HART communication and 4 ... 20 mA analog PV output for individual, difference or
   average temperature measurement of up to two RTD or TC input
» Conversion of linear resistance to a standard analog current signal, e.g. form valves or
   Ohmic level sensors
» Amplification of bipolar mV signals to standard 4 ... 20 mA curent signals
» Up to 63 transmitters (HART 7) can be connected in a multidrop communication setup

Technical Characteristics

» NAMUR NE21, NE43 and NE89
» HART protocol revision can be changed by user configuration either HART 5 or HART 7