» FP93 is equipped with easy operationally and abundant functions so that it may respond    to various processes.
» Program with 40 step
» 4 patterns x 10 steps
» 2 patterns x 20 steps
» 1 pattern x 40 steps
» Easily visible and bright large LED display with 20 mm height of characters
» Multi-input with thermocouple, R.T.D. and DC voltage
» Dust-proof/drip-proof front panel equivalent to IP66

Basic Features

» Full multi-input and multi-range performance User selectable Thermocouple, RTD, V, mV    and Current inputs A 250Ω resistor is required across the input terminal for 4-20mA DC.
» Large 20mm bright display
» Readable from a distance and in a low light area
» 40-step programs function
» RS232C or RS485 Interface available
» Dust and splash proof front panel equivalent to IP66


» Input: Multi (TC, Pt, mV, V), mA
» Display: 7 segment LED
» Display accuracy: +/-(0.3% FS+1 digit)
» Sampling cycle: 0.25 sec.
» Control mode: Auto-tuning PID
» Control output: Contact, current, SSR drive voltage, voltage

Standart Functions

» PV start, zone PID
» Event output (3 points)
» Time signal (2 points)
» External control input (4 points)
» Guarantee soak

Optional Functions

» Status output (4 points), analog output, interface function

External Dimensions

» H96 x W96 x D111 mm (panel depth: 100 mm)