» With just one unit, simultaneously displays PV values for 3 points and conducts individual    PID control each of 3 points
» Very low overshoot rate control is achieved thanks to Shimaden unique expert PID    control
» Program functions may be added as optional

Basic Features

» 3-channel controller, 3-channel input, 3-channel setting and simultaneous 3-channel    display are possible
» Accuracy: ± (0.3% FS + 1 digit)
» Follow-up type PV input function
» Follow-up type SV setting function
» Remote/local and DI input function
» Programmable 1 pattern with 9-step function
» Included a new processing system, Expert PID, remarkably improved PID control    efficiency; overshoot and undershoot are controlled effectively.
» Interface RS232C/RS485


» Input: Thermocouple, R.T.D., DC voltage, DC current
» Digital display: 7 segment LED (4 digits display x 4, 1 digit display x 1)
» Display accuracy: +/-(0.3% FS+1 digit)
» Sampling cycle: 0.25 sec.
» Control mode: Expert PID control with auto tuning function
» Control output: Contact, current, SSR drive voltage, voltage

Optional Functions

» Program function, event output, remote setting or external control input, analog output or    interface function

External Dimensions

» 96 x 96 mm