HE-BI | Heat-Edge, Black Infrapara Heater

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HE-BI | Heat-Edge, Black Infrapara Heater

Features and Advantages

  • Unique ceramic heater – selected ceramics with high thermal durability, mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. High quality
  • Nichrome wire is used
  • High emissivity
  • Quick thermal response, high thermal efciency
  • Easy control to radiate favourable wave lengths for different target materials
  • 1-10 times more speedy than ordinary heaters
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Electric power may be saved up to 50% production yield may be raised 30% up
  • Oven volume reducible to one half or even less. Maintenance or replacement of existing old-fashioned heat pipes in ovens is easy
  • Free from dust contamination. No re ame appears during heating process
  • High safety

Product Specification
Detailed Product Features and Specification


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