HXOL | Bottom PTFE Heater, 1P

HXOL | Bottom PTFE Heater, 1P


• Inert to most aqueous acid, alkaline, anodizing, & pickling solutions up to 100°C (212°F)
• Rugged, heavy wall PTFE covered stainless steel element reduces permeation. Guaranteed 100% pinhole free
• Space saving & long service life with low Watt density Design of 10 W/in2 (1.5 W/cm2)
• Flexible riser with 4 ft. (1.2m) of continuous PTFE cable leading to vapor-resistant, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit
• Lower Watt densities available for highly viscous solutions & technical acids
• Optional patented purge feature promotes a longer heater life by reducing chemical permeation

Product Specification
Detailed Product Features and Specification


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