With evolution of new industries such as AI, 5G, electric vehicles and etc., the global demand for semiconductor chips grows continuously, which drives the demand for semiconductors to its all-time high. The requirements of semiconductor manufacturing processes are very strict. Besides highly automated manufacturing processes that bring precision and low defect rates, management of process environment is crucial too.

In order to maintain a stable process environment and avoid damage caused by environmental changes, storage equipment such as drying ovens, drying cabinets, and drying rooms that can control environmental conditions are often used in the processes. Such equipment is equipped with sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity and ventilation volume. Monitoring such parameters in real time helps to maintain a stable process environment and leads to high process yields.

In order to achieve environmental monitoring in small and medium-sized equipment, eyc-tech developed THE120 OEM temperature and humidity sensor and FTE120 OEM hot wire wind speed sensor. They feature:

1. Compact size: These series are compact and lightweight, solving space constraint problem in small and medium-sized equipment.

2. Various installation methods: They comes with inline type and probe type which has different probe length for user to choose from. In probe type, user can also select moveable thread to adjust measurement position slightly.

3. A variety of signal outputs: Support analog output and RS-485 digital output. Brings convenience to connection with host device in equipment.

4. High accuracy: Despite the size is compact, the measurement accuracy is equivalent to industrial grade products.

The products above are included in our OEM/ODM services. The services include measurement range, probe length, pipe diameter, and customer’s special need. All kinds of equipment manufacturers are welcome to inquire and cooperate with us.