To ensure that the cleanroom environment is controlled within specified standards, a combination of sensors, including temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and air flow sensors, is employed. This collaborative operation of multiple sensors enables comprehensive monitoring of the production environment within the cleanroom. These cleanrooms find widespread applications in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, biomedical research, precision optical manufacturing, etc. Cleanliness is assessed according to the international standard ISO 14644 to ensure product quality and production efficiency.


PMD330 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Monitors the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the cleanroom to maintain stable environmental pressure. By keeping the pressure difference within a safe range, the system prevents external contaminants from entering the cleanroom, ensuring the purity of the manufacturing process.

THS301、THS302 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity changes in cleanrooms and ventilation ducts ensures the stable control of processes. These data help prevent adverse effects of temperature and humidity fluctuations on product manufacturing, maintaining consistent product quality.

FTS34 Air Velocity Transmitter

Monitors the speed of air movement to ensure that the airflow within the cleanroom meets specified standards. This helps evenly distribute clean air, preventing the accumulation of pollutants or particles in any area.

EYC-Tech possesses a variety of transmitters designed for precise measurement and monitoring of cleanroom environments, aiding in the maintenance of cleanliness and ensuring a reliable manufacturing environment. It serves as an indispensable tool for measuring cleanroom environments accurately

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